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Younglee Flange Manufacturing Factory Co., Ltd is one of the first class quality China manufacture of hydraulic SAE flanges. The factory's former name is Changsha Hydraulic Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. It joined Younglee Group in 2016. Read More


Our products of SAE flanges including: SAE Flange Clamps, Split SAE flange halves, SAE Weld flanges (Butt weld and Socket weld Flange), Threaded SAE Flange (BSPP Threaded Flange, NPT Threaded flange), and SAE Blind Flanges Read More


We provide 7 x 16 hours online services to our customers. We provide one year quality assurance for the products we supplied to customers. Quick response: we promise to reply to our customer in 24 hours after receiving the email or call Read More


We only use first class quality raw materials to produce the flanges. Our sae flange factory is controlled under total quality management systems, Our sae flange factory has 20+ years' manufacturing experiences, Accept flexible order quantity. Read More

Main Products

Chief Introduction of Hydraulic SAE Flange

SAE Flanges / Hydraulic SAE Flanges are connection between hoses or steel tubes where easy removal and non-welding is required with in close quarters in the piping systems. 

YOUNGLEE SAE flanges are designed and produced according to standard SAE J518 C and ISO 6162-1/ ISO 6162-2. SAE flanges normally are used in oil hydraulic systems, where there is pressure oil passage. SAE flanges, also known as SAE Code 61 Flanges or SAE Code 62 Flanges. Code 61 flanges are with 3000 PSI working pressure, which is also called light duty sae flanges; while Code 62 flanges are used under 6000 PSI working pressure.

SAE Flange usually is supplied with grooved surface side (with O-ring and bolts), flat surface side, or a complete set (SAE flange coupling), on the request of the customers. The most popular materials of SAE flanges are carbon steel (C20, C45, etc) and 304 stainless steel / 316 stainless steel sae flanges. There are four types of connections for SAE flanges: socket weld, butt weld connections, NPT threaded , and BSPP threaded.

Hydraulic Flanges are used in bigger sizes of Piping joints Where Nut & ferrule assembly is not possible due to higher in Hex section sizes & High torgue require to tighetened / Grip the ferrule in to the tube & lead to loose the joints at High pressure application. In such cases the usage of Flanges with Butt weld or Socket weld has been found to be more practical leading to compact piping installation.

As one of the first class quality Chinese manufacture and supplier of SAE flanges, Younglee produces and supplies SAE flanges in below main types:

SAE flange clamps, SAE Split flange halves, Socket weld SAE flanges, Butt weld SAE flanges, BSPP threaded SAE flanges, NPT threaded SAE flanges, Blind SAE flanges / SAE closed flanges

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  • SAE Split Flange code 61 code 62
    December 1, 2017 / Comments Off on SAE Split Flange code 61 code 62 / News & Updates

    SAE Split flange is one of the most popular type of SAE flanges. As one of the best China SAE flange manufacturer and supplier, Younglee Flange produce and supply SAE split flange halves in a wide range of sizes in carbon steels and stainless steels. Main series of SAE split flange SAE split flange halves

  • Website of Younglee Flange-supplier of sae flanges
    August 26, 2016 / Comments Off on Website of Younglee Flange-supplier of sae flanges / News & Updates

    Welcome to visit the website of Younglee Flanges. Younglee Flange Manufacturing Factory Co., Ltd is one of the first class manufacturer and supplier of SAE flanges in China. Before joined into Younglee Group, the name of the sae flange factory is Changsha Hydraulic Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. Our team had been specialized in the field of hydraulic

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