Company Profile

Company Profile

Younglee Flange Manufacturing Factory Co., Ltd is one of the best quality China SAE flange factory and SAE flange supplier. As one of the most professional China SAE flange manufacture, our main products including: SAE split flange halves, SAE flange clamps, SAE socket weld flanges, SAE butt weld flanges, elbow flanges, SAE screw-in flanges and sae closed flanges / SAE blind flanges.


Various kinds of SAE flanges of Younglee, which is a top quality China sae flanges supplier

Our history of being a high quality SAE flange manufacture

The former name of our factory is Changsha Hydraulic Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. Since the year 1996, it had focused as the SAE flange manufacture for more than 20 years. And in the 2016, it joined into Younglee Group, which is a top quality level China supplier of piping system and hydraulic system products.

As one of the professional hydraulic sae flange supplier, our factory had rich experience in manufacturing various kinds of hydraulic SAE flanges. The factory had already gained very good reputation from many customers in China. And since joined Younglee Group, the factory had improved greatly in equipment and management.

Our Staff:

Now our factory has more than 150 workers, of which 70% of them are with 5+ years experience in hydraulic flange manufacturing. We regularly train our staff, which ensures they have enough skill and idea to produce good quality products.

Our Workshop:

Our factory has 6 main workshops which are Cold extrusion workshop, Forging workshop, CNC machining workshop, Finishing workshop, assembling workshop and packing workshop. Every workshop are equipped with advanced machines and facilities. The machines, facilities, molds and equipment are under regularly maintenance, which ensure we can manufacture the high quality SAE flanges.

Workshop of SAE flange manufacture

Our Quality Control

As one of the leading SAE flange supplier, we manage our factory under advanced management system. We had built our Total Quality Management System. All jobs and processes which affect quality are well controlled under TQM system.

We have a full set of high efficient inspection and analysis equipment. These equipment including: mechanical properties testing machine, spectrum analyzer, Metallographic microscope, Three-dimensional precision measurement, and so on.


With years’ efforts, we had supplied our sae flanges to customers in many countries, such as Germany, Australia, Vietnam, Korea, France, America, Canada, Middle East, South Africa, Mexico and so on. We had gained very good reputation in the market. Many customers treat our factory as the best SAE flange supplier in China or even in Asia.